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My Gardening Adventures 07/25/2010

August 10, 2010

I have this succulent seedling plant that I’ve been nurturing for months.  A coworker of mine had one that sprouted seedlings and I decided to grow a few.  Well, this is my second go-round with these, and only this one survived.  The first time, I left them out on the deck by mistake and they got too cold overnight.  I couldn’t bring them back.  This time, I decided to keep them inside until they looked like they could manage.  I had two and one died.  This second one didn’t die, but seemed like it wasn’t enjoying life.  I didn’t know what to do with it.  The stem was yellow and leaves fell off.  I knew that it was a succulent, but that’s all I knew about it.  It seemed like it’s little stem needed support and that something else wasn’t right.  So, I replanted it and used glass stones for stem support, and put the little guy outside.  Well apparently this crazy hot summer was just what it needed.  It started growing right away.  It must have needed warmer temperatures and more sunshine.

The bad thing is that I accidentally knocked it over a few days ago and the biggest leaf snapped off.  ( I know it’s just a plant, but I was really annoyed with myself.  I’ve put a lot of tender care into this one).  It seems ok, but I’ve also noticed that something has begun eating the leaves.

I’m not sure if bugs are from overhanging plants, so I’ve moved it away from those.  It’s in a tray which has kept a lot of critters away, but if these leaves keep getting eaten, I’ll have to figure something out.  The thing is that I haven’t actually seen any of the bugs and they’re not really leaving me much to go on regarding who they are. Ants? Aphids? Who knows.

Tomorrow I’m going to make a soda bottle cloche and spray a gentle bug repellent around the base of the outer container. This little one will survive darn it!

July 19, 2010

I took some photos of my little wildflower patch in front of my house with a cell phone.  It’s not completely a wildflower patch, but the wildflowers took over the show. It’s a bit of a mess, but when two large dogs decide to run through it, there’s only so much you can do.

A little bit crazy, but I like it just fine.

Pink Zinnia and Gloriosa Daisies



The problem I have encountered with these flowers is that they’re too clustered and it’s kept several other varieties from growing.  The existing plants have blocked out the sun for the others. The fact that this summer has been really hot and very dry doesn’t help either.

I’ve also discovered that Petunias are like dogs-they like to spread out and relax.

I’ve recently had to stake the Zinnias and the Gloriosa Daisies because they were falling a bit.  It’s a good thing I had chopsticks and a roll of craft hemp.  Made it pretty easy to stake, although I’m sure I’ll have to reposition the stakes eventually. I’ve come to love those flowers, they’re really cool.

More photos to come.


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