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SKURAR Hanging planter 01/12/2014

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ImageI’ve had this hanging planter from Ikea for quite a while now and would love to put a real plant in it, but I worry about rusting.  It’s coated metal, but I’m assuming it would suffer deterioration at some point.  What could I line the interior with??? It’s time to do some research.

After doing some research, aside from recommendations of asphalt paint, I’m left with no choice but this: Keep the plant inside another container and set it into the metal planter.  That way I can just take it out to water it and don’t have to worry about damaging the metal.

If it were a metal container outside, I would probably just drill holes in the bottom and let the rain do it’s job.


Chilly Weather Gardening 08/03/2010

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It’s August already!

Plants are going to seed and cold weather will be here before we know it.  Now I have to figure out what to do during these cooler months when gardening outdoors isn’t possible. I also have to take into consideration my very curious cat and very nosy dogs.

Well obviously I would like to be able to keep growing.  I decided to investigate what I could grow indoors that wouldn’t get too big or require too much attention. Here are a few that I might consider…


  • Herbs – Oregano and other herbs apparently do great on windowsills, but they need a good amount of sun.
  • Tomatoes – Apparently you can grow varieties indoors during the winter. I love the smell of tomato plants.
  • Lettuces and Carrots – The smaller varieties will work best in containers.


  • Spider Plant – I learned this plant tolerates a fair share of neglect.
  • Ivy – There are many varieties of ivy that grow well and require watering only a few times a week.
  • Heartleaf philodendron – A tough plant that does well with moderate light.
  • Rubber Plant – This is supposed to be easy to manage, plus it cleans the air.

I’m very intrigued about the possibility of growing the edibles.  The wheels have begun turning in my head.  I have to do more in-depth research on indoor growing.  Some plants are easy to grow and thrive, but only if you meet their specific indoor needs such as frequent fertilizing etc.  I’m pretty exited about this!


Flower Wish List 07/25/2010

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I’ve been leafing (ha ha ha) through a book on flowers called “Flowers:What to Grow and How to Grow It” by Alan Toogood.  Pretty pictures inspire me and now I’ve got the brilliant idea to create a garden wish list for next spring.  This book is actually very informative–it’s got photos, charts, instructions, and loads of information for over 200 flowers.  It even has a flow chart for pests and diseases.

I already have a whole bunch of wildflower seeds to plant that I found at Home Depot, so I’m set with those.  However, I’ve developed a tentative wish list of flowers I’d like to grow in the next season or two.  These aren’t necessarily exotic or special, just a few new flowers that I would like to see around my home.

Sunflowers: I’m impressed by the enormous size of these plants.  If they created a movie about zombie flowers, these would be the pack leaders.

Columbine: I love the double flowers.  These are so pretty.  It’s a flower that would look nice in someone’s hair.

Dahlia: Several varieties and colors and they’re all beautiful.  A handful of various Dahlia’s would make a great bouquet.

I’ll have to remember  to track some of these down.  I’m always the most exited to see my wildflowers sprout–you never know what you’re going to get!


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