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Herb Spirals from 01/03/2014

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Herb Spirals from

I recently discovered the Herb Spiral via posts on Facebook from I fell in love.

But here’s the problem, I’m not much of an herb grower other than catnip for my cats.

But who says I can’t plant other things in a spiral? I picture beautiful flowers in a spiral formation and am now determined to do it.

After doing some reading, I’ve learned a few things.

1. It’s easy to plan but can get costly and time consuming to make.  There are a few different ways to make a spiral too.   View instructions here.

2. Plants need to be placed based on their water needs.  Water will drain more from the top and be retained closer to the bottom of the spiral.

3. There are a variety of designs and materials that can be used to make your spiral.  It all depends on how much effort you’re willing to put in, what your budget is and what look you’re going for.  Visit here for ideas and inspiration.

Check back for updates on the herb spiral–once the weather breaks, I’ll be outside planning mine!


Edible Gifts 08/07/2010

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A few issues ago, I discovered the magazine called “Fresh HOME – Easy Ideas For Hands On People”.  Since I began reading it, their website has been under construction and I haven’t been able to access a project I’ve really wanted to put up on here. Well, I’m tired of waiting so I just scanned the page.  NOTE: I adjusted the brightness/contrast of the image to make the text easier to see–the scan wasn’t the best quality.

The craft is simple and really cool – I’d be impressed if I discovered a gift from the garden like this hanging on my door.


Garden Scrapbooking Tags 08/06/2010

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I’ve recently discovered that I enjoy scrapbooking.

And I also found that it was difficult to find some of the garden themed items I was looking for.  The good thing is that Microsoft Word has many shapes that allowed me to create what I was looking for.

I’ve uploaded them here in both plain outline and colored. Tinker around with the features in Word and customize these to fit your own craft projects perfectly. They’re simple, but sometimes that’s all you need.

I plan to print some out on white cardstock and use them to label parts of my garden pages.

Journaling tags garden – Plain

Journaling tags garden-Colored


I feel a project coming on 07/16/2010

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There are tons of do-it-yourself projects out there, but I’ve noticed a trend of similar ideas in magazines. For example, different gardening and home magazines will feature a DIY article on a potting bench all around the same time.  It makes me wonder if they all have the same source ten people down the line.

I’ve seen some stuff for sale that I think would be manageable projects for the DIY person, provided you have the right tools. But I haven’t seen anyone break them down into instructions for those of us who wouldn’t know where to

Decorative Planters

start when it came to recreating.

Bamboo Garden Path Squares

Here are two images of those type of projects.

If anyone has ideas on how to make these or what materials might produce a similar product, leave a note!  It’s great to save money and be proud to say, “I made it.”


Stylin’ Seeds

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2010 is a year of many firsts.  One of those firsts is that I’ve decided to be a collector of seeds from my garden.

A few years back, I bought a great box of wildflower seeds from a local mart. I used a bunch, saved some, and gave the rest to a friend.  And guess what?  This summer, I can’t find them anywhere.  No where.  I’ve looked in many stores and online.  Nothing.  Having recently moved from an apartment to our first home in January, any remaining old flowers were thrown out in the move (there was no way I was going to lug pots of dirt around in the move).  And of course, I didn’t even think to save seeds.

I currently have the last of that great box growing in my front flower bed.   Although I’m told that they are perennials by my dear friend with whom I shared those seeds, I want to save some of mine. And I will absolutely demand she share her portion of  her flower seeds with me. 🙂   Some of those wildflowers are amazing and I’m determined to eventually learn what they’re called.

With my grand plan to save the seeds in mind, I decided to look it up in a book I had borrowed from the library called “You Grow Girl-The Groundbreaking Guide to Gardening”. Written by Gayla Trail, it’s one heck of a cool book. And mind you, this book is awesome for people who want to garden but don’t know much about it.

There’s a section in there about creating your own seed packets and when I revisited it, a seed was planted in my mind.  I’ve always been creative and graphic design is one of my loves.  Well, I hit up the computer and started making these cute seed packets.  And I want to share.

Considering there’s no limit to the designs and formats for seed packets, making these yourself is a cinch. Basic knowledge of Microsoft Word will allow you to make all the cool seed packets you can dream up. But if you’d rather just have someone else do that part, I’m here to help!

Check out these files for some unique seed packets.  Simple yet fun, they can be thrown in the recycle bin when you’re finished with them, or used again next time.  All you need is a printer, scissors and adhesive of some sort (tape, glue) and you’re all set.  What’s great is you can make these and give them to your gardening buddies (thanks for the idea Gayla) or use it as a craft project for children.

Blank Seed Packet Template Word 97-03

Seed Packets – Fun

Seed Packets – Fun 2

Seed Packets – Pretty

Seed Packets – Pretty 2

Seed Packets – Pretty Borders

Seed Packets – Generic (for any seeds, not just flowers)


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