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SKURAR Hanging planter 01/12/2014

Filed under: Uncategorized — Sarah Wehrle @ 5:51 pm

ImageI’ve had this hanging planter from Ikea for quite a while now and would love to put a real plant in it, but I worry about rusting.  It’s coated metal, but I’m assuming it would suffer deterioration at some point.  What could I line the interior with??? It’s time to do some research.

After doing some research, aside from recommendations of asphalt paint, I’m left with no choice but this: Keep the plant inside another container and set it into the metal planter.  That way I can just take it out to water it and don’t have to worry about damaging the metal.

If it were a metal container outside, I would probably just drill holes in the bottom and let the rain do it’s job.


One Response to “SKURAR Hanging planter”

  1. sarahwehrle Says:

    After doing some research, it looks like the best bet is to use another container inside the planter and remove it to water the plant.

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