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“When you plant a seed, you grow a movement.” 08/10/2010

Filed under: Articles,Cool Finds — Sarah Wehrle @ 3:05 am

When I’m reading, I’ll occasionally flag something that catches my eye.  I’ll make a mental note to come back to it later.  I recently revisited a two-page spread that was an ad for Triscuit.  I do not buy or eat Triscuit crackers, but this ad revolved around “Home Farming” and was very different.

Not only did the catchy headline catch my attention, but the cute graphics did too.  But what struck me most is that the actually product image and promotion was the smallest part.  It seemed Triscuit had something to share, and  this time it wasn’t just about crackers.

Triscuit has teamed up with a non-profit called Urban Farming.  I read the ad and visited the website: I truly expected it to have a slight angle on farming and gardening, then blast the viewer with ads.  Nope. Not at all.

The main paragraph on the home page states, “From rural areas to urban communities, home farms are sprouting up all over the country. And it’s only just begun. Triscuit has created this site with help from Urban Farming, a non-profit organization, to help build a home farming community where both beginners and more seasoned gardeners can dialogue and gather information towards their common mission: to reap food that is deliciously fresh, penny-wise, healthier for themselves and the planet. It’s about home farming, and the everyday joy that grows out of it. So join us and let’s get farming!”

I admit, I like this site.  It’s got lots of information on topics ranging from growing veggies at home, to mapping out your farm on a U.S. map.  There are advice resources, planting guides and more.  It’s a down to earth, user-friendly site that yields good information for every type of gardener and farmer. I recommend taking a look at this website.

Take a peek at Plant a seed.  Grow a movement.


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