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Edible Gifts 08/07/2010

Filed under: Cool Finds,DIY,Thrifty — Sarah Wehrle @ 3:49 am

A few issues ago, I discovered the magazine called “Fresh HOME – Easy Ideas For Hands On People”.  Since I began reading it, their website has been under construction and I haven’t been able to access a project I’ve really wanted to put up on here. Well, I’m tired of waiting so I just scanned the page.  NOTE: I adjusted the brightness/contrast of the image to make the text easier to see–the scan wasn’t the best quality.

The craft is simple and really cool – I’d be impressed if I discovered a gift from the garden like this hanging on my door.


2 Responses to “Edible Gifts”

  1. TC Conner Says:

    This is a good idea, as long as the fresh produce isn’t hanging there very long.

    (Nice blog by the way!)

    • sarahwehrle Says:

      I thought it was a cool way to give edible gifts. And thanks for the comment about my blog. I find it fairly easy to blog about gardening because there’s so much to talk about. 🙂

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